Glide: Glided, Glid, Glode. Strider Strode.


I’ll never really believe that the past tense of “to glide” is glided.

It seems childish. Any reason it should follow “to elide”, i.e. elided?

That’s a Latinate word. Not Germanic, like “to stride” which gives strode,

And “to ride”, obv. rode. So what about glode?

It might be archaic, but it feels right. Righter even than glid,

As per “to hide” giving hid, “to slide” and then slid.

By analogy, I look to Swedish for a similar pattern. There, glida (to glide), rida (to ride), strida (to battle) give gled, redstred. Well, that was no help.

Come to mention it, strider (Swedish: “fights”) does remind me that Tolkein’s Strider (aka Aragorn) is secretly a warrior, not just someone with a leggy gait.